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Deck Trio Special

Deck Trio Special

3 Deck Special! I've written and created all three of these decks myself and they have all completed successful kickstarters! Decks have gone all over the world! It's time to get yours today!

Romance Tarot- 78 Card Deck Dedicated to Love and Relationships of all kinds! No need to learn tarot to use this deck, because this deck talks to you! Easy to use upright or in reverse!

Llama Tarot- Cute and cuddly Llama Character in this 78 card deck, embodies the ambiguous energy of each card! This deck was designed for those looking to personalize their own deck! You'll notice that each card has plenty of room to write on and comes with a QR code for easy access to card meanings.

Body Health Oracle- 66 Card Deck based on the 66 organs and systems within the body. This deck can be used 3 different ways (all shown within the guide book). Book also explains the 5 clairs and gives you exercises to help open your abilities.

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